Wish List!

We accept donations of the following items to help maintain the museum, reinvigorate exhibits, and keep admission costs low.

Donations can be delivered to:
Adventure! Children's Museum
490 Valley River Center
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Museum supplies we have to restock regularly:

• toilet paper
• disposable diapers
• paper towels
• laundry detergent
• Babyganics spray cleaner
• liquid bleach
• vinegar
• baking soda
• trash bags
• small paper cups or cones
• spare clothes for babies and toddlers
• band-aids
• kleenex
• handsoap
• hand sanitizer
• glue sticks
• hot glue sticks
• construction paper

Museum exhibit components and supplies we have to replace semi-regularly:

• toy golf clubs
• standard train cars for train table
• shop rags
• towels
• song books
• kid-friendly musical instruments
• kid scissors
• crown for King Arthur's Throne Room (Wales)
• wooden food for campsite
• wooden sushi for sushi counter
• one-piece plastic eggs for egg run
• typewriter ribbons

Museum fixtures and exhibit components we need to supplement or upgrade:

• no-tip counter stools that can be attached to floor (or covers/upholstery for current stools)
• water dispenser
• additional people and furniture for the dollhouse
• live edge building blocks cut from thin logs or tree branches
• matching bookshelves in the Treehouse
• storage shelving in the clean storage area (like these)
• matching/additional snack tables (we'd like to have four total, for more families)
• large Lego plates (for Lego table)
• carpet squares
• linoleum tiles
• rug tape
• bathroom stool
• drinking fountain faucet (like this one)
• under-counter water heater (like this one)

New exhibit supplies:

• latex paint
• 2x4 timber
• sheet plywood or strand board, 1/4- and 1/2-inch thick
• fiberglass cloth and resin
• paintbrushes
• ventilation masks
• wool felt
• nylon fishing line
• cabinets