• The Trading Post
* Our twist on a children's museum staple: a market! Throughout history, trading posts, bazaars, and marketplaces have been where people gather to exchange goods and services. Our Trading Post exhibit will change periodically to be an Oregon trading post from the 1700s, an outdoor French marketplace from the 1950s, a town square in a small hilltop village in modern-day Mexico, and dozens of other unique but universal trading posts from around the world and throughout time.

• Under the Sea
*Experience life in the deep with under sea murals, costumes to play act as sea life, and maybe even the remains of a ship wreck!

• Venice, 1920s
* Travel over the Bridge of Sighs, rock down the canals on a gondola, build a house along the water, listen to accordion music, and explore cabinets full of artifacts.

• Indigenous Architecture
* See how indigenous and ancient peoples built shelter, and try your hand at building your own!

• Egyptology
* Explore a pyramid, photograph a sarcophogus, help assemble a canopic jar, and translate hieroglyphics! Along the river bank, see how papyrus grows and find out how it's used to make art!

• Cave Exploration
* Caves are amazing! Experience stalactites, stalagmites, bats, cave paintings, bears, and the cool dark. We'll run a sound track of the inside of an actual cave, provide head lamps and helmets, and basically let kids become spelunkers.

• Incan Empire
* Explore the ancient Incan empire and find all its secrets and treasures.

• The Arctic Circle
* Visit with the animals and ice of the Arctic Circle, and learn about the people who call it home.

• Paris, 1890s
* The World's Fair, a secret apartment high up in the Eiffel Tower, music, and art, and beauty.

• Easter Island
* The giant heads of Easter Island have bodies buried under the earth!

• The Art and Science of Michelangelo
* Artist and scientist, Michelangelo was a skilled inventor. Come build and study and draw!

Visiting the Moon
* A lunar rover, a space suit, and the eerie landscape of the moon make a fascinating backdrop to explore!

These Adventures and many more will be possible with your support! Have a talent to share? Is there something you'd like to donate? email AdventureChildrensMuseum@gmail.com