Adventure! Children's Museum is a community project, and we gratefully accept donations that will help kids have amazing adventures while learning to see the world as a friend. CLICK HERE for information about what kinds of donations will help the most!


Are you interested in joining our Board or Advisory Committee? Maybe you'd like to teach a class, provide a service, or help build exhibits! Just email us at with "Volunteer" in the subject line and let us know who you are and what you'd like to help with.

For anyone interested in working in the museum after it opens, please fill out and drop off this volunteer form and read the orientation packet. We will be in touch with you soon to schedule a training!

UPDATE: CURRENTLY SEEKING BOARD MEMBERS  Our all-volunteer board of directors is seeking additional board members to help us bring our museum project to life! We are a working board, not just an administrative board, and our minimum board commitment is as follows: Must attend 75% of board meetings (8 per year); must complete a minimum of two hours of volunteer tasks per month; must volunteer at at least one event or activity shift per month. If events don't align with your schedule, two additional hours of volunteer tasks (phone calls, letter writing, grant-writing, painting, etc.) can be substituted.


The easiest way to help the museum is to follow us on Facebook, like and share our posts, and mark "Interested" on every event. This form of viral advertising just takes a few clicks a month, and really helps get the word out about Adventure!


Do you drive by the perfect museum space or mini-museum storefront every day? Click here for information about what we're looking for in a building.


Every museum needs visitors and supporters! Just email us at with "Mailing List" in the subject line.