Frequently Asked Questions


A: From the Association of Children's Museums:
"Children's museums are places where children learn
through play and exploration in environments
designed just for them. Reflecting their diverse communities,
children's museums create playful, interactive learning experiences."

A: Please see our Exhibits page for a list of current exhibits.

A. Every child is different! We recommend the museum for ages two 
and older, we encourage kids to follow their interests regardless of age, 
and we invite families who may feel unsure to request a quick tour before paying admission.

note: adults must be accompanied by a child and vice versa.

A. We recently (July 2018) expanded the museum to nearly triple its original size on opening day
(March 2017). We have a list of possible future exhibits on our Exhibits page. We add to our exhibits regularly, and change them out every few months. We will open a second restroom
in October 2018 to better accommodate our visitors. Eventually we'd like to have our own
building with an outside area and lots of room for Adventure!

A: One of favorite questions! Our volunteer application and other opportunities to help
 are found here


A: Our sister museums across the country share the policy of charging admission for every person who counts towards capacity. Like them, we hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to play alongside your child in our exhibits! Have fun in there, folks!