We are currently in search of the following locations:

• A larger permanent, free-standing location of 5,000 – 30,000 square feet
for use as a permanent museum site. The donation of a building would be generous and so appreciated, as would a large building sold to us at a reduced price.  We would be interested in taking possession of such a site within one to three years. 

The space should have:
• a central location close to downtown Eugene or Springfield buses and bike routes
• wheelchair access
• display windows
• nearby parking and access to public transit
• public restrooms on-site

• good natural light via skylights
• multiple stories
• recently completed seismic upgrades and renovations
• an outside area that can be fenced
• a working (or repairable) pneumatic tube system

 If you have a space available that you think you’d like to provide for this purpose, please contact us via email at and, if you like, include a phone number for reply. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization; the donation of a space for our use would be tax deductible, and we can pay for our own utilities and insurance.