A D V E N T U R E !   C H I L D R E N ' S   M U S E U M

Hours: weekdays 10-6, weekends 11-6
$4.00 admission for adults and children age 2+ 
free admission for ages 0 – 1

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FAQ: Where is Adventure! Children's Museum?

We are proud to announce our new home in the Valley River Center, where we'll be leasing a space at the top of the escalator for at least a year! Our goal is an Adventure! you can visit any day of the week, in a space busting at the seams with recycled and upcycled treasures, fun experiences, and beautiful murals. Find us by bus, bike path, on foot, or in the car! We're centrally located by the movie theater.

Since 2015, Adventure! Children's Museum has been testing out our exciting and fun exhibits and activities to fairs, festivals, and gatherings throughout Lane County. You may have dug at our dig site at Play In the Rain Day at Mt. Pisgah, or used a typewriter at our mid-century newspaper office at the Lane County Fair. Maybe you made a magic wand at We Are Bethel or some ogre bogies at Eugene Sunday Streets. We've been a ton of places in our year-and-a-half!

We are travelers at heart, but like most travelers, we look forward to returning home and sleeping in our own soft beds. That's why we're so excited to be in our new space, ready to share our first-stage exhibits and get your feedback!

 FAQ: What can we look forward to at 
Adventure! Children's Museum?
When we open our "incubator museum" in spring 2017, we'll be eager to get your feedback on our first-stage exhibits, and your suggestions for what comes next! This is truly our community's museum, and we want you all to be a part of it.

Here's what we're planning: An entry hall like Grand Central Station, with postal lockers and keys, maps and mosaics, arrival and departure boards, a ticket counter and travel posters.

Pass through the lobby and find some fascinating permanent exhibits for kids aged 2 – 12: the Tree House Library; Make it, Build it; Squish! Pacific Northwest Camping; Shakespeare's Globe Theater; the Big Build Block Masonry; Stop the Presses!: Mid-Century Newsroom; our new school Arts & Crafts Room; and our Soft Rock River Bed quiet area. 

We plan to eventually add: hidden passages, secret book cases, and a pneumatic tube postal system where kids can send messages and watch them speed along.  We'll need time to add these features, but when they're done, they'll be done right!

Central to the museum will be our rotating exhibits. We'll draw from history, biographies, geography, and literature to create exciting settings for kids to explore: cave spelunking, Amelia Earhart, Venice in the 1920s. We'll have a paleontology dig site based in the Utah desert, and bring to life beloved children's books. In every immersive exhibit, we'll create or recreate a place and time and pack it full of ways to interact with all the senses. We'll spark an urge to get out there and meet the world with open eyes and an open heart.

We'll support our mission through the continuation of traveling exhibits, the creation of our Adventure!-To-Go museum lending boxes, eclectic classes, school field trips, and birthday parties. In the years to come, expect an Adventure! preschool program and elementary-aged tutoring in creative writing.

Adventure can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people but here's how we see it: Adventure! is exploring the unknown and becoming its friend. And the world needs more of it.

Not every child can travel, but every child is an explorer at heart. Let's give them a place to explore!

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FAQ: How big is Adventure! / How big will Adventure! Children's Museum be?
We are so excited to share our museum project with you, and we're thrilled to have opened our 2,500 square foot incubator space this spring! 
By definition, an incubator is a small, enclosed place where fledglings get the benefit of extra care and attention. Your feedback on our fledgling museum will help us plan for our expansion, which will eventually provide approximately 6,000 additional square feet of exhibit space.

FAQ: How can I help?
If you've already donated, THANK YOU. Truly, none of this would be possible without our donors and broad community support.
We're happy to announce that our lease for the year is covered and our insurance through a national non-profit insurance provider is reasonable. Our community partners like LCC, UO, and MECCA are helping stock us up on furniture and art supplies. What we need most right now are building supplies (or the funds to purchase them) and volunteers. Lots of volunteers, with lots of different skill sets. Click here to lend a hand and help make Adventure! amazing!
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 Lane Arts Council and 
City of Eugene Cultural Services Division

for funding our
Adventure!-To-Go Museum Lending Box Project!

Teachers & homeschoolers, you can take  
this survey to indicate your interest in lending boxes that will provide projects, lessons, and artifacts tied to your curriculum!

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Diversity statement: Adventure! Children's Museum honors the unique perspectives of individuals from every background and is committed to maintaining diversity through its workforce and board membership. Through our cultural exhibits, Adventure! hopes to engage children and adults in exploring the rich diversity of lifestyles around the world, thus building bridges within our community and toward a more globally aware citizenry. 

Adventure! @ Play in the Rain Day, 2015 // Active Dig Site! Paleontologists only! (Our first event)